Vancouver Urogynecology &
Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. David Wilkie is based in Vancouver, Canada and
performs gynecological surgery with a focus on
urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse and pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Bladder Problems

Vaginal Problems

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Dr. David Wilkie and his team

A native of British Columbia, Dr. Wilkie is a leading Canadian surgeon specializing in Urogynecology. His medical interests include both urogynecology and gynecology specializing in incontinence and reconstructive and aesthetic vaginal surgeries.

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You Deserve a Specialist

Choosing a physician to seek treatment for incontinence, other gynecological problems, or any medical concerns, is an important decision. It is not only important to choose a physician who is experienced in the area of the care you require, but one who has the team and commitment to make sure you have the answers and comfort level you need as you consider your surgical options.

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The surgery you performed to insert the Trans Vaginal Tape in June has helped tremendously with my incontinence problems. I was amazed at the quick recovery. I can now sneeze, lift children, and have less urgency than before. I would highly recommend this surgery.

Margaret W, Calgary AB

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