Dr. Wilkie and his team are proud to have built their reputation from understanding and listening to their patients’ concerns. Here are some examples of what patients are saying:


I would highly recommend the vaginal tape procedure to anybody with stress incontinence. The inconvenience was trivial, recovery was very fast, absence from work was minimal and the results were totally successful.

—Taina H, Vancouver BC

The surgery you performed to insert the Trans Vaginal Tape in June has helped tremendously with my incontinence problems. I was amazed at the quick recovery. I can now sneeze, lift children, and have less urgency than before. I would highly recommend this surgery.

—Margaret W, Kamloops, BC

The prolapse you repaired had been preventing me from doing so many things that are important to me. The surgery you offered was short, and the recovery period easily managed with the medication schedule you gave me. I was back doing normal activities in a few days, (avoiding heavy lifting of course for a few weeks) and feel like a new woman now.

—Ruth S, Victoria BC

Having suffered from incontinence for years, I thought that it was something that I was just going to have to live with- it never occurred to me that I could have it fixed. Everyone I know who has had kids seemed to be in the same situation- no more jumping jacks for us! When one of my girlfriends told me she had gone to see Dr. Wilkie and she no longer “leaked”. I went to my GP for a reference.

I still can’t believe how liberating it is to go out and not worry about where the nearest washroom is. Or, how nice it is to skip with my daughter or laugh out loud. There is no way 6 months ago I could have been this relaxed as I am now. My sincere thanks and admiration.

—Laurie C. Richmond BC

Dr. Wilkie- you have no idea how you have changed my life! I cannot thank you and your staff enough for making me feel so at ease, answering all my questions (no matter how embarrassing they were!) and for the time and care you gave to me. I am so grateful for my new found freedom. I was so scared to look into my incontinent problem- and your staff was so wonderful. Please pass on my thanks to them for me.

—Andrea B. Victoria BC

…I also wanted to let you know how useful the Patient Care Area is on your website. Before my surgery I read through the information at home and discussed everything in detail with my husband. Even though you went over what I would expect and how to prepare for the surgery in your office, it was a really helpful to review everything at home. I forgot a few things that we had discussed together…

—Susan W. Whitehorse, Yukon

I wanted to thank you for your amazing patience with me in regards to my bladder surgery. Having never had surgery before I was a little “uptight”. I really appreciate the time you and your staff took with me to explain my options and what to expect. I felt so at ease going into surgery- and felt I really had made the right decision. I also wanted to let you know that my recovery was just as you described. I only missed 2 days of work, had no pain and only minor bleeding – and no more leaks! Thank you.

—Susan M. West Vancouver, BC

After I had my third son I could not believe the discomfort and embarrassment of having [vaginal] prolpase. I had never heard of this happening to anyone before and I thought there was something really wrong with me. I was so upset and uncomfortable. Dr. Wilkie and his staff were fabulous. What a relief it was to know I wasn’t alone and what a relief it is now to be feeling like normal.

—Georgia G. Prince George BC

…I would highly recommend Dr. Wilkie, not only for his professionalism and skill as a surgeon, but for his patient care and wonderful staff.

—Marianne D, Nanaimo BC