Are You Always Rushing to the Bathroom?

If you lose urine for no apparent reason after suddenly feeling the urge to urinate, you may have Urge Incontinence. The leakage might vary from a few drops to complete bladder emptying. Many women find it difficult to determine when the urge will occur and when leakage will follow.

Women with Urge Incontinence may also need to urinate often, sometimes getting up several times during the night. The condition is often referred to as having an Overactive Bladder.

There are several possible causes of Urge Incontinence, such as infection, gynecological problems, and neurological illnesses. See also Mixed Incontinence

The first step towards relief of any bladder problem is to have an assessment. Dr. Wilkie and his team are dedicated to give you the most advanced and up to date treatment options available. Prior to any procedure all patients are examined to ensure there are no underlying medical problems. A gynecological exam will be performed to assess what form of treatment is the right option for you and to discuss the risks and benefits.

Treatment for Urge Incontinence is usually managed with non-surgical options, such as bladder retraining and medications. These options are often very effective, however, some patients require additional help. Dr. Wilkie has had great success helping these patients using Botox™– and is one of only a few doctors internationally that provide this advanced and safe therapy for their patients.

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